PCR in 1 Minute and 59 Seconds – How It Was Done

By Dana Sullivan, Product Manager at Canon BioMedical on July 9, 2018

With optimization and the use of a fast enzyme, the NEXTGENPCR thermocycler amplified a 100 bp fragment in less than 2 minutes. But what about larger fragments?

A poster presented at the European Society of Human Genetics 2016 Annual Meeting demonstrated how the NEXTGENPCR thermocycler amplified the entire BRCA1 gene within 10 minutes using 29 primer pairs. The PCR was followed by Sanger sequencing.

How it was done:


The BRCA1 gene fragments were amplified under these conditions.


Initial denaturation took place at 98°C for 60 seconds.

29 cycles total:

  • Denaturation for 3 seconds at 98°C
  • Annealing for 7 seconds at 60°C
  • Extension for 6 seconds at 75°C        

NEXTGENPCR is redefining fast. The NEXTGENPCR thermocycler heats and cools samples instantly, losing no time in getting samples to the desired temperature. Go from melting to annealing in less than 0.1 seconds. Download the poster content below to get all the experimental details.





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